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Peters Camera & Frame Shop has been proudly serving Bergenfield and the greater area since 1947. The current Owner (William Tompkins, A freelance photographer specializing in photojournalism) purchased the store from Al Peters in 1986 and has been running it ever since. Out of respect for the original owner and to let the community know nothing had changed when purchased in 1986 the original store name was kept. In recent years Bergenfield has been restoring Washington Avenue to better service the community. This is most evident by the newer looking side walks and store fronts along the Avenue. Peters Camera & Frame Shop carries a full line of cameras and accessories for both traditional film and digital still photography as well as video. We also offer film processing by both Kodak Royal Premier and Fuji Premier Processing. Peters Camera also offers a full line films for color prints, black and white prints, and color slides. A big part of Peters Camera & Frame Shop is the used camera department, one of the largest in the area. There is a wide selection of both collectable and user cameras and accessories at very low prices. Custom framing of prints, paintings, photos, diplomas, etc is done on premises. Custom mats are also cut on premises, all at discount prices. Also sold are ready made frames, albums, darkroom equipment and supplies, binoculars, batteries for almost every use, low cost rentals of equipment, everything you would expect in an old style camera store.



Peters Camera & Frame Shop is a Member of the Following Organizations

PhotoFair Stores

Photo Marketing Association International

Professional Picture Framers Association

New Jersey Metro Fire Photographers Association



Hours of Operation

Monday -  10:00am - 6pm

Tuesday -  10:00am - 6pm

Wednesday -  10:00am - 6pm

Thursday -  10:00am - 8pm

Friday -  10:00am - 6pm

Saturday -  10:00am - 5pm

Sunday -  Closed


Holidays Closed

New Years Day

Memorial Day

4th of July

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day



Bill Tompkins (Current owner)

Bob (in charge of customer service) 1996-2009